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I’m not a very good baker – I am too rushed to pay attention and generally end up burning things – I burnt those cookies the other day.  Note to self: Buy a timer.

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how life changes

I have just stopped for a minute to take stock of my day. I have just fniished the hoovering and cleaning the cupboards and cast an eye over what I need to do today – sew a jumper, plant some seedlings and make some cookies for the kids….

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Great Pancake recipe

Here’s a great pancake recipe. Dead easy. Of course its not ‘mine’ its Jme Oliver’s but still, I am just Passing it On 😉

1 cup self raising flour
1 large egg
1 cup milk
pinch of salt

whisk whisk whisk

pop it in a pan – not all at once, be sensible.


PS  when I made this I found it made quite thick batter, so u cant really make nice thin crepe-type pancakes, so I just lashed in a bit more milk to thin it out.  Perfick.

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Great new baby toy!

Well, day 2 of the school half term and already DS#1 has resorted to computer games for entertainment. And I have let him! In fairness we were out for a walk yesterday and today went out to a soft play area so….

But as for the baby, he is just fed up with all his wee toys and they are soon chucked on the floor. But today I had a brain wave. I sat him in his bouncy chair and put him next to the kitchen units then hung a plastic (crinkly Tesco one) bag on one of the draw knobs above his chair, put some plastic blocks in it to give it a bit of weight and some bells that were hanging around (what do you mean you don’t have any bells hanging around in yourhouse?!) and away he went – it was a roaring success. Must post the video made of him playing with it! Am thinking of patenting the idea…….

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Frankly, I dont know how people do it…. some people seem to blog every day about the many and varied things that they do. I seem to manage to squeeze out something every month or so, sometimes there is a cluster of blogs in a month, then I forget for a while. I do find it theraputic and no longer quite so self consciously as I dont tink that is being read, and that is fine. Sometimes I write about things that have been playing on my mind and its almost like having a natter with a good friend, once its out you feel so much better. Not much desire to natter at the moment tho as this key board is attrocious and something has to be done. I dont fel the flow when I type on it…. mises letters etc… 😦 Bt anyway, a good thing happened today, The Baby SLEPT for over an hour during the day. I had resigned myself to a child that doesnt do long day sleeps. As number 1 and 2 were great for sleeping during the day and I missed it this time. But for some reason, today it happen for me!!!! I am delighted and hoping for a repeat performance tomorrow (no pressure).
Anyhow it means I have been given the gift of time. Being a stay at home mum my spare time is very fragmented and it is very frustrating – I seem to get nothing done and in particular no time to myself. I have been considering venturing in the world of Crochetting for a bit of a dablle to see if it could be my thing but apart from checking out other bloggers and, in particular and an inspirational FB friend of mine (who has 4 chldren, her husand works away and she still has time for crocheting, mosaicing, cake baking and arts and crafts!!) I have made no headway. Well husband has taken out number 2 and 3 and number 1 is suitably occupied, I am investigating my options now – so must go, so little time and here I am blogging!!!

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Pottery Classes

I went to my sencond class last night – its quite a long time to be out away from the family (2 hour class plus travel) but doing pottery is like a meditation. I get some head space and think of nothing but what I am doing. Its the only time in the week this is possible really and it is so rejuvenating. I have been to the class before, for a couple of terms, the last time I was heavily pregnant and missed the final two weeks as I was just so uncomfortable at the wheel. My plan is this time to learn more about using the wheel, I would love to make something practical and something I can feel proud of, rather than something a child might bring home from school…. I am improving, its great to see and a great feeling. I’ll see how it goes! I was hugely inspired by Jennifer from Drin Pottery.
Jennifer is a local potter who holds an open house every year to sell what she has made – I think t is fantastic and I love this kind of enterprise. I went along this year – she holds them about a month before Christmas, and bought a few things. Of course now she has done it and she lives so close I cant do it – plus as well I have a long way to go before I get to that stage!!! In the meantime I will just be making a few ‘useful pots for putting things in’. Thank goodness my best friend is also a fan of my pottery, and as she is a bit of a horder too I have an outlet for my creations! But my homework is to watch a few You Tube videos of people who can actually do it!!!

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Did I mention how much I hate weaning, I hate all the cooking, the mushing of the food, much of it I probably wouldn’t touch (avocado chicken and pear – actually, I think you can get that in a sandwich in Doorsteps on the Lisburn Road…). But I seem to be constantly cooking, or planning to cook. And when meals are just me and the kids it can bee a bit soul destroying when all of them refuse to eat. I mean I am not that bad a cook but the other day I was trying to get my 2 older ones to eat fish pie – I thought it was lovely, and the baby something from a Anabel Karmel ice cube tray… and it was refusals all round. If I give the baby anything else spiked with banana he will turn into one. I could give him jars, and I have given jars in the past but I kinda feel that in years to come when my children pour all sorts of unsavouries into themselves (blue drinks, questionable burgers, sweets so full of preservative they could easily be as old as me, given half the chance….)so this is the only time in their life I have control of their eating and that I can get good stuff in. I am not judging parents who feed their children nothing but jars (I am) but I do believe that on this issue Jamie Oliver might have a point. Diet is inextricably linked to health, and to a greater degree we can give our future health the best chance with a good food education in the early years.

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Yule Blog

So its Jan 8, but the title tickles me so please forgive….

Been crazy busy over Christmas – next year we are not having turkey…

Been weaning #3 – weaning is hard work, stages change so quickly and you try different things to get baby to feel more satisfied, sleep better whilst still trying to continue with some kind of normal life, and the more children you have the harder this juggling act gets as you have to factor in the activities of their life too…. mustn’t dwell on this as begin to get frustrated as the division of labour is not 50:50 from a parenting POV, but that is not the focus of this blog. Mostly to say, at 7 months we seem to have finally settled down – a strict routine is imperative. Since I have introduced formula it helps a lot – baby is more satisfied. When I just gave him solids alone was not enough, he was unpredictable, unsettled at night and this in itself was TOUGH, which is understandable. Then I introduced a bottle just before bed time thinking this would help. But nothing really changed. He now has a bottle in between each solid feed which really helps. I went back to the book I used with #1, which does help get things back on track and reinforces the importance of structure. Contented baby. Although I remember with the first one I was very unforgiving and followed it to the letter and to be honest made life much much harder for myself. Now I have 3 children I cant be so strict as I have to factor them into the day as well trying to run a house hold and look after myself without completely stressing myself out with the constant meal planning. I seem to just move thru the day no sooner ending one meal than I am planning for the next, either for the baby or the children, ad washing everything up so its ready for the next round (after #1 I decided I would have no more children unless I had a dishwasher – we got ours off Ebay for £20!). So now he is on 3 meals a day, formula in between and will go down to sleep (with a tiny bit of fuss) around 7.30 but (fingers crossed) been sleeping thru, for the last few nights anyway. A couple of days ago we had a few nights when he would wake screaming, we would assume hungry, feed him, he still screamed, so the first night at least, I held him for most of the night, the next night this went on for a bit and then in the end – mostly due to having tried everything else we lay there and listend to the poor mite cry. BUt, heartless parents that we are it seemed to work – after about 45mins he feel asleep, we fell asleep. THe next night when he cried we let him and it was over pretty quickly. And the next night -nothing (except the 5year old and the 3 year old both woke crying but thats another story.. grr) But all this prompted me to pull out the Gina Ford book (The New Contented Little Baby Book) I used with the other 2, just to revise things and check I had the routine right for his age. I tweaked a couple of things as a result. I was giving him a bottle about 11am – so it went breakfast – bottle – lunch – bottle – dinner – bottle but if he had his lunch late (because of his 11am bottle and then sleep) then his next bottle would be late and everything thereafter late. Instead of the 11am bottle, I hold out til 11.45am and give him lunch and then he gets his next bottle about 2ish after his nap. Instead he gets a smaller bottle just after his breakfast. So it goes

8am breakfast and small (4oz) bottle
11.45 lunch
2pm 6oz bottle
6oz bottle (bed time milk)
7.30 bed

He seems to be waking anytime between 6-7am. He does stir in the night but I just give him back his dummy and if he gets really upset I hold my hand to his cheek (which he grabs and wont let go… he tightens his grip if I try and take my hand away so I have to leave it there for a bit until he is calmer).

He still doesn’t much sleep in the day (about 20 mins at a stretch!) unlike the other two but I think this could be because of the other two – lots of disturbed sleep due to school runs and noisy brothers etc…

Anyhow, I think I will try and add protein to lunches soon – currently he is just on fruit, veg and baby cereal.

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I wrote a poem!

If you have to cram
your house with a pram
that is no longer needed then why
not just sell it for free, and make yourself a fee
use Totalbaby, look, why not just see!

Well, its my first poem for years…..probably since school.

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I am at the mushing-up-a-small-amount-of-food stage, and it occurs to me, as it has in the past, that it would be handy if there were a tiny potato masher that fits in a cup to mash this pear up.   Rather that go down the route of patenting and designing and all that faff, I remember that I saw promoted recently a thingy called a Wean Machine.   So I just ordered one.   Will update on how it goes when it arrives but already I feel this will revolutionalise my life for the next month, til I start the real steamy-windows-and-food-processing-obsessive-buying-of-organic-food stage of weaning. Watch this space.

Listening to right now: the telly in the background.  Loose Women is on.  I hate the Malteaser ad. That woman is horrible.

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